Annual Fitness Challenge

Our fitness challenge runs each year during the months of January and February.  The success each year is up to you! Try to participate in at least one of the activities.  There are some incentives to do so, but the BEST and most REWARDING incentive is to IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS!!!

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January and February are all wrapped up now, and the 2017 Salida Recreation Fitness Challenge has come to an end.  A few words to recap: Our goal was to introduce healthy habits to office workers who often can’t get out of the setting, making the long winter months feel even longer. Our bulletins were designed for this demographic to inspire ways to beat a sitting and sedentary life, which truly applies to anyone- office job or no. January and February are not the only times to be mindful about our health and lifestyle; fitness is a year-round affair. New Year’s and new beginnings is the driving factor for many of us to start out strong about making changes, but consider why “Fitness Challenge” should be all about the long-term.

It’s easy to put health and fitness in the back seat as we take care of our work, priorities, and commitments. However, health and fitness IS a priority, and remains just as important as any other factor in our lives; it needs to be treated as such. While it is impossible for most of us to rehaul our entire lifestyle to include fitness, small and consistent changes WILL make a difference. It is never too late to start- try just one simple thing from our bulletins in the interest of your health, and stick to it. It all starts with you- fitness cannot be bought, you cannot go back in time, nor will doing nothing do you any good. We here at Salida Rec implore you to take the first step, and start choosing health! A simple commitment today can blossom into a lifetime of health and thriving.

So as we say goodbye, and head back to the office, we leave you with yet another challenge. We challenge you to meet us again next year, but not as someone ready to start on another short lived 8 week health binge, but as someone who truly cares about their future, someone who has made a healthy change for good, and someone who is continually chasing their goal of fitness, and most of all, happiness. Best wishes, and see you soon!

-Salida Recreation
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