The SHSAC Around the World Lap Swimmers have reached Australia and we want you to help us celebrate!

Hey lap swimmers! Did you know you can be a part of the Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center Swim Team? We are working together to count and log  laps completed after swimming. Our miles swam translate into collective travel miles on our way to Lagos, Italy! Our most recent accomplishment was collectively swimming the distance from Fiji to Australia, a distance of over 1,750 miles. We are celebrating with a pool party Tuesday, Dec. 5 from 6 to 8pm. It will be FREE and open to the public. We are asking guests to bring an Australian type side dish to accompany the roasted pulled pork the City of Salida is providing. The invitation is open to all ages. We encourage folks to bring a swim suit; we’ll organize some water games, if there is interest. Please RSVP to Laura or Matt at 539-6738 or to to plan for staffing, drinks and the main dish.

Bill Hicks
Mick Barry
Dominic Lauzier
Janice Brunner
Jana Johnson
Art Wilcoxon

The team now has a new goal: collectively swimming the distance from Australia to Jakarta, Indonesia, a distance of over 1,400 miles. Log your laps now at the pool! 

Anyone that can swim, kickboard, dog paddle, etc. ¼ mile (equivalent to 8 laps or 16 lengths of the pool) is encouraged to join the team. Look for more information on the Swim Team bulletin board at the Aquatic Center. Log your laps in the binder at front desk and make those miles count!