K.O.R.E. kids in training!

photo 1Last weekend was a busy one for the Rec department and our K.O.R.E. kids. They continued their babysitter/childcare training with Lisa Croce from Chaffee County Public Health. This class covers all aspects of babysitting and taking care of children, including lots of first aid and more importantly, preventing problems in the first place! It also covers how to engage children in fun and safe activities, soothing sad or distressed kids, redirecting bad behavior, and integrity and honesty.

This training will be combined with on-the-ground experience working with kids all summer. If you need a babysitter in your life, our programs are a great place to meet one! K.O.R.E. kids will be at Rowdy at Riverside, the Youth Gardening program, Park and Pool and Cycle Salida. They will also be at Thursdays at Six (our free summer concert series), FIBArk land races, Fourth of July, Ice Cream Socials, and more!

photo 3The K.O.R.E. group spent Saturday morning participating in the 23rd Annual Clean Up Green Up, sponsored by Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area. We picked up lots of trash around Sands Lake, including a seat from a van lodged in a tree. We filled a car with all this and then headed to Riverside for a nice lunch hosted by AHRA.

K.O.R.E. training will finish up tomorrow, which means that summer is just about here! Salida Recreation is so grateful to the K.O.R.E. kids who help us out all summer. This is truly a great opportunity for them to get professional, but fun, experience.

We hope to see you out there this summer!