Kids’ Opportunities for Recreation Experience 2018

Youth Summer Volunteer Program

Community Tie Dye at the Farmers Market
Community Tie Dye at the Farmers Market

The K.O.R.E. program is designed for young adults entering grades 7 through 9 in the fall of 2018. The intention of the program is to give kids the opportunity to gain personal, hands-on, leadership experience through the City of Salida Recreation Department while having tons of fun. Although K.O.R.E. is not a job, it has many job-like responsibilities and allows those not yet old enough to work to gain valuable experience that will aid them in future endeavors. K.O.R.E. members become an important part of the Salida Recreation summer team, with opportunities to develop creativity, leadership skills and interpersonal skills.

We feel that the structure of K.O.R.E. allows the participants to have freedom and responsibility, and encourages them to learn how to balance both in order to complete tasks in a fun, efficient, safe manner. All participants who complete the program will be eligible for letters of recommendation from the Recreation Supervisor and the K.O.R.E. Coordinator, as well as having a foot in the door for possible future employment with the Recreation Department. In addition, K.O.R.E. members receive individual swim benefits at the Hot Springs Aquatic Center though the end of August, and are invited to participate in K.O.R.E. kids only special events!

I would like to stress that this is not a summer camp. Members of K.O.R.E. will be expected to know and follow the rules laid out in training, and to show up with an energetic and helpful attitude. Dismissal from the program and revocation of K.O.R.E. member benefits is a possibility if these standards are not met.

As we strive to provide an enriching and engaging experience for K.O.R.E. members, we will limit participation to 8 team members. This will allow us to give each participant plenty of guidance and thoroughly engage them in the program. Acceptance to the program will be based upon the applicant’s interest and passion for working with other kids in an active and creative setting (top priority), and their ability to make the time commitment asked of them. Please see the back of this page for a general outline of the schedule. With this is mind, please know that we do support family vacations and other summer activities and do not expect K.O.R.E. members to be able to come every single week.

If you know a teen whom is interested in a program that will challenge them and encourage them to voice their recreation ideas and then implement them, please submit the attached K.O.R.E. APPLICATION to the Recreation Department. This will be THE summer they can make a difference and be recognized for their input and effort!

Lanette Hartman, Recreation Supervisor
410 West Hwy 50, Salida, CO  81201


May 4: Applications and letter of recommendation due

May 7-11: Individual interview meetings scheduled

May 11: Acceptance decisions and notifications made

May 19: Clean Up, Green Up Event and National Kids to Parks Day – Riverside Park, time TBD

May 31: School’s Out FREE Swim Day, 1-5pm

June 1: K.O.R.E. & First Aid Training, time and location TBD

June August: Summer programs! K.O.R.E. members will be expected to commit to at least 10 program days throughout the summer. Most programs are approximately 3 hours long. Vacations and other activities are encouraged but participants are expected to notify staff well in advance. Please plan on being available for at least 7 of the ten weeks.