Welcome to K.O.R.E.!

Friday marks the begining of K.O.R.E. training! Dates and locations of all the training is listed below. If you need copies of any of the materials mentioned below, you can download them using these links:   COMMITMENT LETTER   SCHEDULE HANDOUT   VOLUNTEER FORM

K.O.R.E. is a lot of fun and a very rewarding experience. Almost everything we do brings smiles to people’s faces or makes their live more fun. We hope it often does the same for you! As you begin the summer, please take a minute to be sure you’re here for all the right reasons. A desire to work with kids, help out the community and engage in fun and important work—these are all great reasons I heard in interviews. Please review and sign the COMMITMENT LETTER and return it with the rest of your paperwork before the end of training.

We will dive right into the summer beginning with 4 amazing training days! Training is mandatory—if you absolutely cannot make it, please contact me at salida.recreation@cityofsalida.com to arrange a make-up session. Training will consist of a babysitting course packed with lots of safety information, tips on age-appropriate play, and professional conduct. We’ll also go over expectations and guidelines for the program. And we’ll rally our community spirit and contribute a couple hours to cleaning up Salida during the 24th Annual Green Up Clean Up! Read on for complete training details…

  • Friday, May 9. 9:00 am – noon. Introductions and Babysitter Training, part 1. Shavano Room of the Touber Building (448 E 1st St—enter through the C St/City Council Chamber doors and follow the signs.)
  • Friday, May 16. 9:00 am – noon. Babysitter Training, part 2. Shavano Room of the Touber Building (448 E 1st St—enter through the C St/City Council Chamber doors and follow the signs.)
  • Saturday, May 17. 9:30 – 11:30 am. Clean Up Green Up community service. Meet at the Sands Lake parking lot. State Parks will be serving a volunteer picnic from noon – 3:00 pm at Riverside Park—attendance is optional for lunch. Either plan to be picked up/leave from the Sands Lake parking lot at 11:30 or be picked up/leave from Riverside Park around 1:00 pm.
  • Friday, May 23. 9:00 am – noon, and 1:00 – 3:00 pm. Babysitter Training, part 3 and Professionalism/Business training. Shavano Room of the Touber Building (448 E 1st St—enter through the C St/City Council Chamber doors and follow the signs.) We’ll walk to the Scout Hut for the afternoon segment. BRING YOUR LUNCH!
  • BEFORE TRAINING IS OVER: Please bring your signed paperwork packet (COMMITMENT LETTER, SCHEDULE HANDOUT and SIGNED VOLUNEER FORM) and you will receive your summer-long swim pass. Passes are good until the end of August, but you will not receive them until we have all of your paperwork.

Now that you’ve been accepted into the program this summer you will need to think about which of our four weekly programs you would like to commit to. Please complete the SCHEDULE HANDOUT. For the weekly program selection, you do not need to be able to attend every single one, but in general the program time should be a good fit with your schedule. We will do our best to get you on your first choice program but we will need to make sure we have enough KORE members at each program. A little bit of shuffling between programs may be necessary until we get a schedule finalized.

We appreciate at the effort and time you will put into your summer with K.O.R.E. All K.O.R.E. members will receive a swim pass valid from the day all paperwork is turned in until the end of August. K.O.R.E. members can also participate in any of our scheduled Recreation programs for a 10% discount—just register with Maggie. Members who finish the summer in good standing will also be eligible for a low-cost adventure such as rafting or zip-lining. Everyone will also receive a T-shirt to wear as a uniform.

We can’t wait to get to know you better and start all of the fun projects and activities we have planned for summer 2014! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thank you and see you this Friday!