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Over 100 Turn Out for New Year’s Day 5K – Results here!
January 2, 2013

2014 Fit Chal posterFrom the Mountain Mail, by James Redmond:

Showing an increase in participants from previous years, Salida Recreation Department’s fourth annual New Year’s Day 5K Fun Run/Walk got more than 100 people out and moving in the new year.

Both the male and female first-place titles went to 15-year-old Salida athletes.

Taylor Stack, 15, finished the Fun Run first of all the participants with an official time of 18 minutes, 9 seconds.

Stack said he felt good about finishing first. “I am kind of out of shape though,” he said, explaining he had felt that way since the high school cross-country season ended. The Salida High School sophomore took second in state for the 3A Cross-Country Championship.

He had never participated in the Fun Run before but said he plans to do so again in the future.

Sydney Fesenmeyer, 15, finished first among the female participants with an official time of 22 minutes, 26 seconds.

Fesenmeyer said it was her first year participating in the Fun Run, although she had considered it in previous years but did not feel like getting up early enough on New Year’s Day to run. She added that she felt out of running shape after cross-country season, as she has been playing basketball.

A member of the state champion girls’ cross-country team, the Salida High School sophomore finished third in the state 3A Cross-Country Championship.

The event started in front of the Scout Hut in Riverside Park and followed the same course it has every year, to the Monarch Spur Trail to the intersection of Holman Avenue and Poncha Boulevard and back the same way to the Scout Hut, Kristy Falcon, Salida Rec special events coordinator, said.

The goal of the New Year’s Day 5K Fun Run/Walk “is to get people moving and start the new year,” Falcon said. It also serves as the start of the 2014 Fitness Challenge.

The Fitness Challenge helps people who want to start the year in a healthy way and allows them to learn about fitness options through several free and reduced-price classes, Falcon said.

For more information about the 2014 Fitness Challenge, visit


December 23, 2013 – Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center responds to recent survey results

The Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center (SHSAC) and Recreation Department recently conducted a community survey requesting input on the current facility, recreation offerings and general questions about staff, prices and opportunities for growth.

125 surveys were returned within the two-week period. Surveys were available at the pool and could also be completed online during that time.

SHSAC would like to thank everyone who did take the time to complete our survey. We’d like to take this opportunity to let respondents know that we have truly taken your comments and input to heart. Our staff is working to improve several of the areas that were determined to be weaknesses within the facility. We’ve also taken note of the areas where we are having success and will continue to build on those programs and services.

Areas that received the most negative feedback included; training staff properly so that information is readily available when requested, admission prices to the swimming pool and how to better support all user groups.

While we do provide training for all staff and do our best to keep them abreast of upcoming events and classes, all employees work on a part-time basis which presents a challenge with our ever-changing pool and recreation schedules. Management is working diligently to provide staff with resources that will help reduce confusion and frustration for all patrons and staff.

The cost of admission at SHSAC has been brought up repeatedly over the years. While the prices have not changed since June of 2008, we understand that locals would appreciate a discount and we have several ways to help make that possible. Our budget punch passes make prices much more affordable for all ages. For example, a 15-punch pass for an adult would make each visit $5 instead of $11. The same pass for youth would equate to $2.50 per visit as opposed to $5. We also offer passes for yearly and six-month memberships, budget passes for our private soaking pools and seniors, and more. We have a printable discount coupon on our website that can be used for any regular admission, a break on price for anyone presenting with a Monarch lift ticket, free admission on birthdays, deeply discounted rates every Thursday evening from 5-8 p.m. for families and parent-tot swim daily from 10 a.m. to noon, and our current food drive discount which saves you half off of the regular, daily admission price when you donate two, non-perishable items. We are also in the process of implementing an automatic deduction program for people who would like a long-term membership but cannot afford the entire cost upfront.

We have a diverse group of customers at SHSAC. We are utilized by Salida high school’s Salida Cyclones swim team, SilverSneakers™ users, kayak clinics, lap swimmers, tourists and our general public, just to name a few. That means that we have to be flexible with our scheduling to ensure that all groups are able to use the pool. We do our best to be sure that the needs of all groups are being met and adjust as needed if they are not.

The SHSAC is a valuable resource for the city. We appreciate the support and encouragement of our community and will continue to work hard to deliver quality programming while maintaining our aging facility. If you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to call us at 539-6738, stop by the pool and fill out a comment card, or send them through our contact page.


December 16, 2013 – Welcome to the 2014 Fitness Challenge!

keep calm
Did you know that willpower is a finite resource? That the more you tax your reserves, the less available it will be for future decision making?

One way to fight back when you are trying to set and keep goals or resolutions is to shrink them down to a tiny, minute size, a size so small that they may seem absolutely inconsequential.

An example: let’s say your goal is to exercise 30 minutes a day. When you think about changing your established routine to find those 30 minutes, let alone work up the willpower to get moving and break a sweat, that willpower reserve can get taxed heavily. But what if you break that goal down, and set as your daily goal to exercise just 5 minutes, or even 1 minute?

That’s an easy goal to manage. One minute? Walk up the block, or do a handful of sit-ups and pull-ups. Do it and feel good that you achieved your goal for the day.

And here’s where the magic can happen: you might feel so good getting your heart rate up, your blood pumping and your spirits lifting that you just keep doing it, for the sheer joy of exercising—not on willpower alone.

So when you are making you resolutions or health goals at the end of the holiday season (or the beginning, there’s no better time than now to start, right?), dream big but scale small.

Maybe you want to invite calmness and mindfulness into your life and set the goal of meditating 15 minutes a day. But you have never had a meditation practice before. So start with one measly minute. See where it takes you. Just sit still for one minute, notice your thoughts but do not give them any more importance than they deserve, and breathe. Set a timer, or not. And then give your self permission to get up and continue about your day if you so choose.

Here at Salida Recreation, we want to support your health and fitness goals. During the months of January and February, we dedicate much of our programming to our annual Fitness Challenge. The idea behind the Challenge is to provide lots of free classes from around the community for you to try. We work with gyms, dance studios and other wellness providers to build a schedule of introductory classes. So set a goal of just showing up. See what Salida’s health community has to offer. Spend some will power getting to a class and then just let the good feelings take over.

The Fitness Challenge also includes the New Year’s Day 5K (a fun community event to celebrate the start of something new in 2014), prizes for people who log their participation, and for the first time, a kid’s fitness challenge.

Information about the 5K and fitness logging can be found on our 2014 Fitness Challenge page, with more details to come about free classes and the kid’s challenge soon! This page also host a great collection of fitness information, motivation and advice. Forms and information are also available at the Hot Springs Pool.



Our annual holiday food drive is in full swing and Rudolph wants to pull a sleigh FULL of food back to The Grainery at the end of December! Please bring in two, non-perishable food items and receive half-off of our regular, daily admission prices.

Happy Holidays!


November 21, 2013 – Happy Thanksgiving and Ski Bus Notice

Please note that the ski bus will begin running on December 6. We’ll see you then! We wish everyone a safe, warm and happy Thanksgiving!


November 13, 2013 – Clean out your clutter and help provide jobs!

In cooperation with Blue Star Recyclers of Colorado Springs and Southern Colorado Recycling of Pueblo, the Salida Recreation will be hosting an electronics and latex paint recycling event on Saturday, November 23 from 9am – 1pm at the recycling center behind the Aquatic Center.

With the holidays around the corner, now is a fantastic time to clean out some of those items just sitting around the house, taking up space. And some of those items can even help a regional non-profit provide meaningful jobs to people with disABILITIES such as autism.

Recycle your electronics and latex paint on Saturday, November 23.
Recycle your electronics and latex paint on Saturday, November 23.

All electronics items, including batteries, computers, TVs, printer and toner cartridges, small appliances and CFLs will be taken for safe, secure and ethical recycling by Blue Star Recycling. This 501(c)3 non-profit not only meets the highest environmental standards for electronics recycling, but it does so while proving meaningful jobs to people with developmental disabilities. People in this demographic typically have an 85-90% unemployment rate.

While autism isn’t the only developmental disability represented in the Blue Star team, it provides a good example of the reason why Blue Star chooses to focus on the root word of disability—that is ABILITY. People with autism are generally good at and enjoy systematic tasks, such as disassembling electronics. When people with this particular ability, people who often cannot find employment in other workplaces, are put to work in Blue Star’s encouraging, safe and positive environment not only do they excel but they enjoy coming to work!

Blue Star has been featured in regional and national media as a leader in electronics recycling with a social mission.

Salida Recreation is also excited to welcome Southern Colorado Recycling to this year’s event. SCR accepts latex paint for recycling and reuse.


• Latex paint can be recycled for $1/gallon. No other paints or stains will be accepted.
• All hard drives are promptly destroyed, ensuring security of personal data.
• Small electronic items are free.
• A residential carload of electronics is only $10.
• A commercial carload of electronics is only $20.
See a complete list of accepted electronic items.


November 5, 2013 – Friday Enrichment: Building Partnerships

Larry Smith, president of High Country Bank, presents Ken Brandon from Support Our Schools Salida a check for $9,000 to help with Friday Enrichment. Also present were Maggie Murdoch and Robin NeJame from Salida Recreation. NeJame is the new Friday Enrichment Coordinator.
Larry Smith, president of High Country Bank, presents Ken Brandon from Support Our Schools Salida a check for $9,000 to help with Friday Enrichment. Also present were Maggie Murdoch and Robin NeJame from Salida Recreation. NeJame is the new Friday Enrichment Coordinator.

What do you kids do with their free time on Fridays? Do you feel they are engaged and entertained?

Support Our Schools Salida and the City of Salida are championing educational programs to fill the “Friday void” that many parents deal with.

Funded by a generous $9,000 donation from High County Bank, SOSS and Salida Recreation created a new position with the purpose of promoting Friday programming for Salida’s youth.

With this assistance, Salida Recreation and SOSS will become a hub of information about Friday activities, as well as a network to connect people who wish to offer programming with those who have the resources to help.

These organizations will actively distribute information on Friday Enrichment opportunities for school-aged children through their websites, email announcements, school Facebook pages, news and radio announcements and through local organization newsletters and announcements. Plan on seeing monthly updates in the Mountain Mail during the school year.

The Salida Recreation Department will be the official hub for getting all types of Friday Enrichment information to the community, whether it is hosted by the department or not.

Please share your ideas with us to help is meet your needs. If there is a program not being offered through the recreation department or other organizations, we encourage your input.

More importantly, if you or someone you know needs financial help to participate in a program, please ask about Salida Recreation youth scholarships.

If you would like us to highlight your Friday Enrichment activity already being offered, suggest an educational opportunity for a child (such as an internship or a specific class) or if you would like more information, please contact Robin NeJame, Friday Enrichment Coordinator.

And check out our Friday Enrichment page for details about program currently being offered!


   Gathering of Friday Enrichment activities.  Let us promote your events or activities.  Please email your events, providing proof of insurance.

   Dissemination of calendar information via,,,,,,, Tenderfoot Times, Salida School District Facebook page and Chamber updates.

   Radio Interviews

   Presentations to Community Organizations, such as Rotary, Salida Business Alliance, and Chamber of Commerce.

   Outreach and recruitment to create further Friday Enrichment opportunities, work with other organizations such as Boys and Girls Club and Family and Youth Initiatives to ensure that we meet the needs of the children in our community. 

   Create partners. How can the community support these opportunities? Provide a mentorship/internship program, create new programs, financial donations (to provide scholarships, supplies, etc…)…..we want to work with you!


October 30, 2013 – NOW HIRING! Please see our job openings and information page.

October 24, 2013 – The Customer Satisfaction Survey is now closed. Thank you for your responses!

Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center
Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center

Salida Recreation wants to hear from you! We are conducting a short survey regarding the Hot Springs Aquatic Center and other recreation programming though November 10. Surveys can be taken online here or paper copies may be picked up at the pool.

The survey will be used by the recreation department and the City of Salida to determine what programs and services are utilized by the community and which may need to be changed or reassessed. It will also offer insights as to what visitor expectations are and help guide us when making improvements and changes in the future.

We thank you so much for your participation!


October 15, 2013 – Salida recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as a “Bicycle Friendly Community”

The City of Salida and Salida Recreation are proud to announce that our community has been chosen as an official Bicycle Friendly Community. This designation comes from the League of American Bicyclists and is decided following a lengthy application process.

The Silver Level designation will be presented at the City Council meeting Tuesday, Oct. 15. An award ceremony will be scheduled later this month to celebrate the award with the Salida community.

The Bicycle Friendly Community program helps communities like Salida evaluate their quality of life and sustainability and transportation needs, while allowing us to benchmark our progress toward improving our bicycle-friendliness.

The program has accepted nearly 600 applications for designation since 2002. Currently, there are 291 Bicycle Friendly Communities in the U.S.

salida_fall2013closed_AwardSeal_262_72 (2)


Congratulations to the Salida High School Mountain Bike team, for placing 2nd at the 2011 State Championships, and to Coach Fred Maxwell, who received “Coach of the Year”. Fred also received Colorado High School Coach of the year from the National  Interscholastic Cycling Association.  Congrats to all athletes and coaches for a winning season!

Denver Post article 11/14/11      Mountain Mail article 1/10/12

Check out this segment on Salida’s Whitewater Park, sponsored in part by the Colorado Lottery: