Park Rental Information

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Salida’s many parks are great places to play or picnic. Each offers a unique set of amenities, from simple grassy expanses to full-on recreational facilities. These parks are also available to rent for special events.

So you want to rent a park?  Here’s how!

Check the park rental availability

Click the link to your park of choice from the drop-down menu under Parks & Trails.  You will see a description of the park and a calendar which will let you know if the park is free or busy on the day/s you’d like to rent.  If it is listed as available, please either call (719-539-6738) or visit the the Aquatic Center front desk staff to confirm.

Complete and return a park rental application with payment

Everyone who rents a park must fill out a park rental application.  Park rentals are processed at the Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center (410 West Hwy 50, Salida, CO 81201). Please either mail or bring your park rental applications to this address, along with payment. Applications are always accepted for the current year, and for the following year after October 1.  Staff will begin to take park reservations on October 1 for the following calendar year.

Park Rental Application Forms

Fill out the Chisholm Park Rental Agreement if: You wish to rent the Chisholm House and park. Renter’s instructions regarding electricity, bathrooms, grill, heat, etc. specific to Chisholm Park.

Fill out Application A if:  The public is not invited to your event and your event requires no additional permits.  Examples include private gatherings such as family or school reunions or birthday parties.

Fill out Application B if: The general public is invited, or if your event requires street use and closures; vendors; insurance (all public events); or liquor licensing (non profit organizations only).

Fill out Application C if:  The event is scheduled on short notice beyond your control and your organization could not go before the City Council for final approval.  An example of this would be a Memorial Service.

For a more complete description of the different park rental application forms and which form you should complete, click here.

Park Rental Rates – 2018

Chisholm Park

$25 an hour


$75 Deposit on separate check

Band shell/Riverside Park

$50/4 hours


$10/day if electricity is required

Damage deposit on separate check, $150

Centennial, Alpine, Thonhoff and other parks

$50/4 hours or less


$10/day if electricity is required

$75 Deposit on separate check

Scout Hut

Management of Scout Hut Reservations made through the Salida Steamplant as of Feb. 2018. Please call 530-0933.

Park Rental Rules and Regulations

The following rules are enforced unless prior City approval or permit has been obtained. 

Event permit is limited to four (4) consecutive days.
Event must end at 10 PM, which is close of City Parks. (Exception: Centennial and Marvin Parks close at 11pm, Sunday through Thursday).
No amplified sound without a special permit.
No alcohol allowed without a special permit. (permits only issued to non-profits)
No camping allowed.
No glass containers allowed.
City Ordinances remain in effect. This includes “No Parking” signs enforced.  Free public parking is available at Sackett and 3rd (Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area) and at 3rd and G Street (next to Safeway) and outside the downtown area.
Care for underground sprinkler systems prohibits wheeled carriers (except in designated areas) and no objects are to be driven into the ground.
Person or Organization reserving park will:
Secure and pay for any additional services required
Be charged for any damage incurred during scheduled use of the park
Be responsible for and arrange for park clean-up/trash removal
Arrange for additional toilets if there are more than 100 people

Provisions for event insurance may be required. Evidence of liability insurance will be required covering both the applicant and the City of Salida in the minimum amounts of $1,000,000/person/occurrence for any event requiring Council approval.  Apply for Special Events insurance through your insurance carrier.

Events permitting alcohol require liquor liability coverage, which must be included with your application.

Parks with electricity include Alpine, Centennial (pavilion), Thonhoff and Riverside. An extra fee of $10 is required for electricity use. For electricity inside the Riverside Park band shell, please pick up the stage door key from the Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center BEFORE the event and return it there afterwards. Damage deposit will be kept if key is not returned.

Fire Department Inspection – Events with vendors and/or events with entertainment on the Riverside Park band shell stage are subject to inspection by the Salida Fire Department.

Barricades: If available, Salida Public Works will allow event organizers to use City barricades for street closures. Call the Public Works Department during business hours, (719) 539-6257, 7:30 AM – 4 PM Monday though Friday to make arrangements to pick up and return them.  The event sponsors will be responsible for any weekend security of City property.

Alcohol is not permitted in Salida Parks unless a Special Event Permit has been obtained. To obtain a liquor permit, you must fill out a Special Events Liquor Application.  This permit will only be granted to 501c3 organizations. The Scout Hut does have an alcohol permit area, however one must go through the SteamPlant in order to obtain this.

Dogs are not allowed in any Salida park, with the exception of the Loyal Duke’s Dog Park.

Smoking is not allowed in any of Salida’s parks or trails.