Parks, Recreation Trails and Open Space Master Plan

The City has been working with GreenPlay, LLC on Salida’s first comprehensive look at our parks, recreation, trails and open space. This draft plan examines our current facilities, citizen expectations, and our needs for the future. The entire draft plan is available here for review. The Chapter entitled “Suggested Focus” includes the recommendations for areas the City should focus on in the future.

Salida Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space Plan – updated June 20, 2008

Download these files in PDF format
Cover and Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Past, Present and Future
Identified Needs
Administration and Budget
Suggested Focus

Appendix – Table of Contents
Appendix A – Public Process Detail
Appendix B – Citizen Survey Detail
Appendix C – Inventory Detail
Appendix D and E – GRASP Analysis
Appendix F – Sample Vision Statements
Appendix G – Sample Pricing Policy
Appendix H – Sample Partnership Agreements
Appendix I – Sample Sponsorship Agreements
Appendix J – Sample Trail Specifications
Appendix K – Sample Financial Assistance Forms
Appendix L – Advisory Boards
Appendix M – Adopt A Park
Appendix N – Sample Program Evaluations
Appendix P – Sample IGA
Appendix Q – Sample Park Development Standards

MAP – Overall Vision Map 1.1 MB (PDF format)
MAP – Gateway Map 1.8 MB (PDF format)
MAP – Trails and Greenways Map 2 MB (PDF format)