Private Soaking Pools

The private pools are available anytime we are open! Please see our calendar.

European Style Soaking Pools

Enjoy soaking in privacy in our hot mineral spring water, collected underground and piped 8 miles from the source high in the majestic Rocky Mountains. This sparkling clear and odorless water was originally enjoyed by the Ute Indians, who believed it healed mind, body and spirit. The hot mineral spring water flows continually into the various Salida Hot Springs pools, refreshing and warming them naturally.

Minerals in the water include: Silica (54.1 ppm), Aluminum Iron Oxide (1.7 ppm), Sulphate (207.4 ppm), Calcium (19.7 ppm), Bicarbonate (223.1 ppm), Potassium (16.5 ppm), Chloride (57.4 ppm) and Sodium (108.5 ppm). After every use, each private soaking pool is drained, sanitized and yours to refill with fresh chemical free water as hot as you wish.

Reservations are not required, but highly recommended, and can be made at the pool or by calling 719-539-6738. All reservations must be paid in advance. If you cancel your reservation at least 24 hours before your scheduled time, we will refund your money minus a five dollar processing fee. If your reservation is not cancelled within this time period, or you fail to show up, you will not be given a refund.

Come relax and unwind; escape and enjoy the therapeutic value of our natural water.

Private Pools Rates & Policies

Each pool can accommodate 2-3 people at a time.  There is also space for changing and showering, with bathrooms nearby.

PRIVATE POOL RATES – 18+ ONLY               
1 adult 1 hour – $12
Add’l adult 1 hour – $6
Senior/Military – $9
Budget Pass (10 entries) – $90
Soak & Swim (private & public pool entry) – add $3 to private pool price

No one under 18 will be admitted, ID may be requested. Elderly persons, pregnant women, and those with medical conditions should consult with a physician before use. No food, alcohol, smoking, or glass containers are allowed at any time. Persons having or reasonable suspected to have contagious disease, open wounds, cough or colds shall not be allowed to enter. Oils, body lotions, and soaps shall not be applied while in the pools. One hour limit.

Drink lots of water and take frequent breaks. Enter and exit slowly. Water comes in very hot, so frequently test the water as you fill the pool to ensure a safe and enjoyable temperature. Never place electrical appliances within 5 feet of the soaking pools.