Private Parties and Pool Rentals

The Hot Springs Pool is available for rental anytime before or after hours. Birthday parties, church groups and kayak practice sessions are just a few of the activities we have hosted. Please call the Hot Springs Pool for details and to make reservations (539-6738). Advance notification is required in order to arrange for lifeguard coverage.

Pool Rental Rates:
1-10 people: $60.00 per hour
11-20 people: $70.00 per hour
21-40 people: $80.00 per hour
41-60 people: $90.00 per hour
61-100 people: $120.00 per hour
101 + people: $1.50 per person per hour

Birthday Parties

Would you like to throw your child a birthday party to remember? Make the guest list and invite the gHappy birthdayang to a pool party. The birthday boy or girl gets in free for the party. We encourage families to set up at the picnic tables in our lobby during public hours and let the kids swim, soak and splash. Please be sure to let us know your plans in advance so we have sufficient staff on hand.

Pool policies:

A family who swims together, stays together!  Adult supervision of kids is important as it allows our lifeguards and aquatic safety staff to focus on the water and keeping everyone safe.  Children who are 10 years of age or older and are able to swim 25 meters of the pool on their fronts without stopping may be left unattended at the Aquatic Center.  Children under the age of 10 who are able to swim the 25 meters must have an adult present in the facility.  All children who are unable to swim 25 meters must be accompanied by an adult within arms reach at all times.  Swim pants or diapers are required for those children who are not potty trained.  Swim diapers are available at the front desk.

GREEN means go safely!! 
Green means you can GO safely in the lap pool without an adult. Green means you can GO safely off the diving board. Green means you can GO safely up and down the climbing wall. Keeping all children SAFE in the water has always been a top priority at our facility. As a result, we will be adding a new policy that assigns a color-coded wristband to a child based on their swimming ability. Starting in January, the Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center will be assigning a green wristband for children who are able to swim 25 meters of the pool on their fronts without stopping. This is a great tool to help our staff identify swimmers and non-swimmers. We will be keeping a record of all our swimmers starting in January so please bear with us, as we will be testing every child again.  The children who have passed the swim test will have their names recorded in the swim test binder and in the computer under their household (if one exists). We would like to use the same wristbands over and over so we will ask that you turn them in after your swim. Enjoy the water!