Private Parties and Pool Rentals

The Hot Springs Pool is available for rental anytime before or after hours. Birthday parties, church groups and kayak practice sessions are just a few of the activities we have hosted. Please call the Hot Springs Pool for details and to make reservations (539-6738). Advance notification is required in order to arrange for lifeguard coverage. Download the Agreement and return to the Aquatic Center Front Desk Staff to confirm reservation. Download the Rental Agreement and email to or return to the Aquatic Center Front Desk Staff to confirm reservation.

Pool Rental Rates:
1-10 people: $60.00 per hour
11-20 people: $70.00 per hour
21-40 people: $80.00 per hour
41-60 people: $90.00 per hour
61-100 people: $120.00 per hour
101 + people: $1.50 per person per hour

Birthday Parties

Would you like to throw your child a birthday party to remember? Make the guest list and invite the gHappy birthdayang to a pool party. The birthday boy or girl gets in free for the party. We encourage families to set up at the picnic tables in our lobby during public hours and let the kids swim, soak and splash. Please be sure to let us know your plans in advance so we have sufficient staff on hand. Download the Rental Agreement and email to or return to the Aquatic Center Front Desk Staff to confirm reservation.

Pool policies:

A family who swims together, stays together!  Adult supervision of kids is important as it allows our lifeguards and aquatic safety staff to focus on the water and keeping everyone safe.  Children who are 10 years of age or older and are able to swim 25 meters of the pool on their fronts without stopping may be left unattended at the Aquatic Center.  Children under the age of 10 who are able to swim the 25 meters must have an adult present in the facility.  All children who are unable to swim 25 meters must be accompanied by an adult within arms reach at all times.  Swim pants or diapers are required for those children who are not potty trained.  Swim diapers are available at the front desk.

GREEN means go safely!! 
Green means you can GO safely in the lap pool without an adult. Green means you can GO safely off the diving board. Green means you can GO safely up and down the climbing wall. Keeping all children SAFE in the water has always been a top priority at our facility. We have added a new policy that assigns a color-coded wristband to a child based on their swimming ability. The Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center will assign a green wristband for children who are able to swim 25 meters of the pool on their fronts without stopping. This is a great tool to help our staff identify swimmers and non-swimmers. We will keep a record of all our swimmers. The children who have passed the swim test will have their names recorded in the swim test binder and in the computer under their household (if one exists). We would like to use the same wristbands over and over so we will ask that you turn them in after your swim. Enjoy the water!

Pool Rules  – Rules do not keep guests from having fun, they exist for everyone’s health and safety, including ours. 

For a downloadable PDF document with all pool rules (below), click here.

  • No running
  • No gum
  • Swim diapers are required for small children or people with incontinence
  • No glass containers in pool area or locker rooms
  • Non-swimmers need to be within an arm’s reach of an adult in the water at all times
  • No rough play
  • No shoulder sitting, standing, chicken fights or jumping off the shoulders
  • No hanging on lane lines, diving rope or slide rope
  • Guests must shower before entering the pool
  • No prolonged breath holding
  • No hard balls of any kind
  • No public display of affection
  • Keep all doors and walkways clear of clothes and toys
  • No standing on or jumping off divider walls
  • No grabbing or touching flags when jumping off the board
  • No hanging or climbing on the hand rails- this includes the one by the zero depth pool
  • Do not let the children play on or jump off the ladders
  • Kick boards and pull buoys are only to be used by lap swimmers swimming in the lap lanes
  • Dive in designated areas only
  • Diving rules: Must be able to swim 25 meters on your front without stopping; one bounce; go straight off the board; swim to the ladder and get out, only one person is allowed in the diving area at a time; no goggles, balls or floatation devices allowed in the diving area; weight limit 250 lbs.
  • Chairs may not be moved from behind the pillars- think escape route during emergencies
  • No food or drink on deck- Only water allowed
  • Our pool equipment is for patrons participating in classes- like aquacize, splash class, cardio splash and swim lessons
  • Patrons doing therapy with HRRMC may use the equipment in the box on the back shelf.
  • Starting blocks may only be used by swim team members in scheduled practices, competitions and instruction when supervised by a certified coach or instructor
  • No alcohol beverages or other drug use allowed
  • No towels or clothing on handrails
  • We are a smoke-free facility

Slide Rules:

  • Two guards must be on duty for the slide to be open
  • One person on the slide at one time
  • Hold onto the hand rails when climbing the stairs
  • Slide feet first in a seated position
  • Wait until the landing are is clear before entering the slide
  • Leave the plunge area immediately
  • Don not attempt to stop on the slide
  • No high fives or touching the slider from the side of the slide
  • No flotation devices such as tubes or noodles on the slide ** Life jackets and arm bands OK
  • Adults can help non-swimmers out of the plunge area. They should stand to the side of the slide
  • Weight limit 275 lbs
  • Please obey and respect the lifeguards at all times

Climbing Wall Rules:

  • Climbers may not use the wall without the direct supervision of a lifeguard in close proximity to the structure
  • Climbers must be able to swim 225 meters on their fronts without stopping
  • Only one climber is allowed in the climbing wall at one time
  • The climb must begin from the water
  • Only feet first entries are allowed when entering the water – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Only one person is allowed in the drop zone at one time
  • Leave the drop zone immediately by swimming to the ladder or under the rope
  • DO NOT hang from the top of the climbing wall
  • Feet are not allowed on the highest level of hand/feet holds
  • No diving, back flips or head first entries off the wall
  • Please obey and respect lifeguards at all times

For kayaks only: 

  • All boats must be washed out with the hose/bucket before they enter the water: Please fill the inside of your boat with water and dump it out in the gutter. Dispose of any debris from your boat. Please spray down the mats and deck afterwards.
  • Helmets must be worn in the water at all times- both kayakers and instructors
  • PFD must be worn while kayaking
  • Enter and exit the water on the blue mats
  • Maximum boats in leisure pool- 5; Maximum boats in lap pool- 20
  • No paddles in the leisure pool
  • Do not push the paddles off the floors or the walls
  • Do not run boats into walls
  • No lifting or boating over the divider walls
  • Keep walkways and doorways free of boats and equipment
  • Swimming will be restricted while kayaking is taking place
  • The slide, climbing wall and diving board will be closed during kayaking
  • Kayakers who are unable to wet exit must be with a partner who is not in a boat